Where the Red Carpet Meets the Runway


Czarina Liz Loren of Palm Springs

It’s Called Night of a Thousand GOWNS.

Night of a Thousand Gowns is a charity ball.  It’s a coronation ceremony.  It’s a chance to honor members of our community.

But it’s also a fashion show.  

There have been years when “a thousand gowns” has been less of a title than an actual description as dresses and gowns of every shape and size fly up and down in the pneumatic tube elevators at the Marriott Marquis for the world to see and enjoy.


Olympic Medalist Johnny Weir rocks out in 2012!

 (Sidebar:  There are actually YouTube videos of the elevators.  Here’s one!)

Some of New York’s top designers have shown up in stunning displays of artistry.  There’s been couture.  There’s been camp (That’s actually a link to Susan Sontag’s essay, “Notes on Camp,” which is a critical piece to know.)  There’s been campy couture.    


Emperor VI Steven and Empress XVI Lita Austin of New York

Every year there are entries by Broadway and Hollywood designers, almost as if it were a competition — and in many years, it was:  judged by the late great Bill Cunningham of the New York Times.  Who would make his style column?  Who would be butthurt that they hadn’t?  You’d have to follow up and find out!

Empresses Lita Austin and Pepperica Swirl are professional designers, and the gowns that come out of Empress Verna Turbulance of Massachusetts show that her professional life as a couture wedding gown designer comes in handy!

Our red carpet can outshine and outsparkle the Oscars!


Come Join the Parade!
(Photos in this post were taken by Jason Russo / Hey Mr. Jason photography.  He’s amazing and you should use him!)


Guests rock an avant garde approach at NOATG


Dominique St. James and Smith Carrington, Esq.


Empress X Ran Dee in her Double Decade Performance


Tracy von Becker-Legge and Francis Legge


Empress Harlette and Emperor Dan of Connecticut


Empress Verna Turbulence of Massachusetts


HRH Ambrosia Merlot, Past Queen of NYC Gay Men’s Chorus











Fabulous Outfits at Night of a Thousand Gowns

Guests visit Night of A Thousand Gowns

Guests visit Night of A Thousand Gowns