The College of Monarchs

The College of Monarchs comprises the past monarchs of the Imperial Court of New York who have been inducted at the culmination of their successful reigns. The Court is lucky indeed to have so many monarchs who remain active in the organization. Decades later, our very first Empress is still an active member.

  • January 4, 1986

    Reign I — 1986-1987

    Emperor I George the First

    Emperor I, George The First, The Eagle Emperor

    Empress I Sybil The First

    Empress I, Sybil The First, The Atlas Empress

  • January 4, 1987

    Reign II — 1987-1988

    Emperor II Roux-Vaine

    Emperor II,
    The First Jewish Emperor

    Empress II Champagne

    Empress II,
    The Crystal Empress

  • January 4, 1988

    Reign III 1988-1989

    Emperor III Barry Davidson

    Emperor III, Barry Davidson

    Empress III Chene La Rochelle

    Empress III, Chene Rochelle

  • January 4, 1989

    Reign IV — 1989-1990

    Emperor IV Shelly

    Emperor IV, Shelly, The First Woman Emperor

    Empress IV Camille Beauchamps

    Empress IV, Camille Beauchamps, The Forbidden Empress

  • January 4, 1990

    Reign V — 1990-1991

    Empress V Razor Sharp

    Empress V, Razor Sharp, The Golden Empress

  • January 4, 1991

    Reign VI — 1991-1992

    Empress VI Saleen

    Empress VI, Saleen, The Scintillating Empress

  • January 4, 1992

    Reign VII — 1992-1993

    Empress VII Coco LaChine

    Empress VII, CocoLaChine, The Celestial Dragon Empress

    Reign 7more
  • January 4, 1993

    Reign VIII — 1993-994

    Emperor V Ron

    Emperor V, Ron,
    The Lion Hearted Emperor of Social Change

    Empress VIII Billie Ann Miller

    Empress VIII, Billie Ann Miller,
    Empress of Peace & Love

  • January 4, 1994

    Reign IX — 1994-1995

    Empress IX Philomena

    Empress IX, Philomena, Empress of Faith Hope & Cartier

    Reign 9more
  • January 6, 1995

    Reign X — 1995-1996

    Emperor VI Steven

    Emperor VI, Steven, The Grand La Scala Emperor

    Empress X Ran-Dee

    Empress X, Ran-Dee, The Opulent & Etherial Broadway Angel Empress

    Reign 10more
  • January 6, 1996

    Reign XI — 1996-1997

    Emperor VII Tomás

    Emperor VII, Tomás, Emperor of Courage & Survival

    Empress XI Gianna

    Empress XI, Gianna, The Sapphire Heart Empress

    Reign 11more
  • January 6, 1997

    Reign XII — 1997-1998

    Emperor VIII William

    Emperor VIII, William, Emperor of Fidelity and Fortitude

    Empress XII Panzi

    Empress XII, Panzi, Empress of Loyalty & Laughter

    Reign 12more
  • January 6, 1998

    Reign XIII — 1998-1999

    Emperor IX Chet

    Emperor IX, Chet, The Ethereal Sunrise Emperor

    Empress XIII Anne Tique

    Empress XIII, Anne Tique, The Golden Gotham Glamazon Empress

  • January 15, 1999

    Reign XIV — 1999-2000

    Emperor X Gabriel Della Notte

    Emperor X, Gabriel Della Notte, The Gothic Midnight Raven Emperor

    Empress XIV Victoria V. Weston

    Empress XIV, Victoria V. Weston, Empress for the New Millennium

    Reign 14more
  • January 15, 2001

    Reign XV — 2000-2001

    Emperor XI Damian Valentino

    Emperor XI, Damian Valentino, The Bad Boy Emperor of L.O.V.E. & Temptation

    Empress XV Fiona St. James

    Empress XV, Fiona St. James, The Latina Empress of Decadence & Style

  • April 17, 2002

    Reign XVI — 2001-2002

    Emperor XII Mathius Bloussánt

    Emperor XII, Mathius Bloussánt, The Romanov Emperor of High Hopes & Highlights

    Empress XVI Lita Austin

    Empress XVI, Lita Austin, The Schiaparelli Empress of Compassion & Couture

    16-Leta-Matt more
  • April 20, 2003

    Reign XVII – 2002-2003

    Emperor XIII Ron” width=

    Emperor XIII, Ron, The Golden Ursus Emperor of Valor, Virtue & Charm

    Empress XVII Demi-Tasse

    Empress XVII, Demi-Tasse, The Hollywood and D-Vine Empress of Sincerity & Sympathy

  • April 23, 2006

    Reign 19 – 2005-2006

    Emperor XIV Tony Monteleone” width=

    Emperor XIV, Tony Monteleone, The AAA Diamond Emperor of Allegria, Amore & Abbondanza

    Empress XIX Robin Kradles

    Empress XIX, Robin Kradles, The Fifth Avenue Jewel Empress of Sincerity, Service & Style

  • April 23, 2007

    Reign 20 – 2006-2007

    Emperor XV Fantasia” width=

    Emperor XV, Fantasia, The Celtic Emperor of Famiglia, Fantasy & Fun

    Empress XX Gefil Tefish

    Empress XX, Gefil Tefish, The 2x Empress

  • April 23, 2008

    Reign 21–2007-2008

    Emperor XVI Craig Hollywood” width=

    Emperor XVI, Craig Hollywood, The Fire Taming Rose Emperor

    Empress XXI B

    Empress XXI, B, The Bewitching and Bewildering Empress

  • April 30, 2009

    Reign 22 — 2008-2009

    Emperor XVII Rob Hunter de Woofs” width=

    Emperor XVII, Rob Hunter de Woofs, The Atlantic Shore Tattoo Titan Emperor of Diplomacy, Generosity and Testosterone

    Empress XXII Charlene Chivoe

    Empress XXII, Charlene Chivoe, The Dixie Darling Empress of Democracy, Dreams and Disco

  • April 30, 2010

    Reign 23 — 2009-2010

    Emperor XVIII Tony Monteleone” width=

    Emperor XVIII, Tony Monteleone, The AAA Diamond Emperor of Allegria, Amore & Abbondanza

    Empress XXIII Anne Tique

    Empress XXIII, Anne Tique, The Golden Gotham Glamazon Empress of Grace and Gratitude

  • April 30, 2011

    Reign 24 — 2010-2011

    Emperor XIX Jack” width=

    Emperor XIX, Jack, The Platinum Emperor of Justice, Understanding, Sincerity and Tolerance

    Empress XXIV Farrah Moans

    Empress XXIV, Farrah Moans, The Temptress Empress

    “Reign more
  • May 1, 2012

    Reign 25 — 2011 - 2012

    Emperor XX Vanity Society” width=

    Emperor XX, Vanity Society, Omnia Vanitas

    Empress XXV Pepperica Swirl

    Empress XXV, Pepperica Swirl, The Empress of Caftans and Cocktails

  • May 1, 2013

    Reign 26 — 2012-2013

    Emperor XXI Ritz Kraka” width=

    Emperor XXI, Ritz Kraka, Omnia Vanitas

    Empress XXVI Witti Repartee

    Empress XXVI, Witti Repartee, The Elemental Broadway Empress of Community, Camp and Collaboration



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