Become a Member


Join a group that virtually defines diversity — a group that includes lesbian, gay, bisexual, straight and transgender individuals, in short, the full spectrum of gender identification. And, our diversity extends beyond gender to include people of all races and religions, in all walks of life — doctors, lawyers, chefs, store clerks, waiters, designers…you name it. What we have in common is our love of drag and the chance to put that passion and our hard work to good use raising funds and awareness for our community. We do that as performers and event producers, from the humble bar show to the grandest of all events, Night of a Thousand Gowns, the annual charity drag ball that is the sparkling highlight of the New York City LGBTQ fundraising calendar.

To join, simply show up at a monthly general meeting held the first Wednesday of every month (barring holiday conflicts) at 7:30pm. Make yourself known to our Vice President/Membership Chair who will be seated at the front and fill out a simple membership form. The membership fee for the first year is $70 ($60 annually thereafter, payable in September). You may audit one general meeting without joining, but otherwise Court meetings are closed to the public.

Upon joining, you will decide what gender you wish to present as and what your Court name will be. New members are inducted accordingly as a Lord or Lady at the meeting durning which they apply. Through volunteer work and enthusiasm, a member is elevated through the years according to a protocol of royal titles modeled after European royalty. Once a year the membership elects two members, who have attained a prescribed level of accomplishment and service, to reign as our Emperor and Empress. They are crowned at Night of a Thousand Gowns and will serve for one year as figureheads of the Court and ambassadors to the community. Typically, they will attend or officiate at upwards of 125 events during their reign. One of their duties is to recommend member elevations to the Board of Directors to be presented at various Court events during the year.

The Court is an all volunteer organization with no paid staff. Whether humble or grand, all of our drag finery and jewels are purchased by us individually.