A Crowning Achievement!

We refer to Night of a Thousand Gowns as a Coronation Ball, when in fact, most of it is celebration and recognition of a reign that’s coming to an end.  And yet, the final event of the night is always one of the most colorful, one of the most elaborate, and one of the things people will talk about forever and ever:  The Coronation of the new Emperor and Empress.

I polled a group of my friends about their favorite costume from Night of a Thousand Gowns.  Ever.  I put no limitations on when or in what context, and more people mentioned the coronation gown of Empress XVI Lita Austin than any other single outfit.

Lita Austin approaches her coronation

Lita Austin approaches her coronation


Lita Austin’s coronation gown

Lita Austin and Matthias Bloussant

Lita Austin and Matthias Bloussant








I remember Anne Tique’s coronation as Empress XIII, with a white linen cape stretching all the way back the Runway.  I remember Victoria Weston’green velvet train being adjusted by four girls in grey.  Gabriel Della Notte’s Mirrored Lining, Anne Tique and Tony’s gondola singers, Farrah Moans’ surprise entrance from a monolith already center stage, every single thing about Pepper and Vanity’s Wedding Walk, the size of Gaye Banter’s hoop skirt in Twinkle Montgomery’s coronation walk, and of course, I remember Farrah at the end of the runway during my walk practically screaming for the next participant to start moving.  No matter, we made up that 35 second gap!  The view is different from the stage, and I’ve enjoyed watching the pageantry of Reigns 27, 28, 29 and 30, but you miss a little of the grandeur and perspective.  You do get to see the outfits from the front, though!

Here’s a collection of some of New York’s Coronation Couture.


Empress XXVI Witti Repartee and Emperor XXI Ritz Kraka


Empress XXII Charlene Chivoe and Emperor XVII Rob Hunter de Woofs


Emperor XIV Tony Monteleone and Empress XIX Robin Kradles


Empress X Ran-Dee and Emperor VI Steven


Empress XIII Anne Tique and Emperor IX Chet


Empress XIII Anne Tique

















Many thanks to Empress XXII Charlene Chivoe for having such a fabulous Facebook Archive!  I included photos of as many monarchs in coronation outfits as I could find.  No one was intentionally left out.


Empress XV Fiona St. James and Emperor XI Damien Valentino


Empress IX Philomena

Emperor XX Vanity Society and Empress XXV Pepperica Swirl

Emperor XX Vanity Society and Empress XXV Pepperica Swirl











Empress XXVII Gracie Steeles and Emperor XXII Wen-D Bouvier Pinkhouse


Empress XXVIII Twinkle Montgomery and Emperor XIV, XVIII and XXIII Tony Monteleone


Empress XXX Sugar B. Real and Emperor XXV Tree


Empress XXIX Madison Mansfield and Emperor XXIV Opi N Yated


Empress XIV Victoria V. Weston and Emperor X Gabriel Della Notte


Emperor XV Fantasia

Emperor XVI Craig Hollywood and Empress XXI B

Emperor XVI Craig Hollywood and Empress XXI B

Empress XXIV Farrah Moans and Emperor XX Jack

Empress XXIV Farrah Moans and Emperor XX Jack








What will Harrington Wear?