Special Programs

The Imperial Court of New York Empress Coco LaChine Scholarship Fund

Every year the Imperial Court of New York awards scholarships to needy LGBTQ high school graduates going on to college. This important initiative is supported by events produced by the Court throughout the year. The 30th Annual Night of a Thousand Gowns specifically benefited the ICNY Empress Coco LaChine Scholarship Fund, adding significantly to the fund’s endowment. Scholarships are awarded in conjunction with the NYC LGBTQ Center.

Hearts & Voices

For over 20 years, the Court’s major outreach program has taken shows to residences and hospices serving the HIV/AIDS community. The project began through our affiliation with the now disbanded organization, Lifebeat, the Music Industry Fights AIDS, a non-profit organization which had been supported by the music industry. We have chosen to continue our outreach directly, carrying the Hearts & Voices banner forward. Court members find their involvement in these shows to be some of the most gratifying work we do, bringing joy to those who are otherwise bereft of lighthearted entertainment.

Regal Notes

This program shares quarterly Regal Note cards from The Imperial Court of New York and the Reigning Monarchs as personal wishes for seasonal events that are dispersed to our outreach programs facilities, benefactors, sponsors, and local organizations or businesses supporters.

Change For the Better

Created by Emperor Antonio T Ventura and Empress Chuleta Devine, The Change for the Better project collects donations of loose change or bills which is then sent to support youth-oriented organizations.