Who We Are

Empress I José, The Widow Norton 1922-2013

Empress I José, The Widow Norton 1922-2013

In 1965, the late José Sarria, the country’s first openly gay political candidate (for San Francisco Supervisor in 1961) founded the Imperial Court System, setting our standard of humor, heart and humanitarianism, which today governs approximately 75  kingdoms in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Today, the International Court System is one of the largest and Longest LGBTQ+ organizations in the country.

The Imperial Court of New York was founded in 1986 under the reign of Their Imperial Majesties Emperor I George and Empress I Sybil Bruncheon. We are now in our 38th Reign under the monarchy of Their Most Imperial Sovereign Majesties Emperor XXXIII Jeffrey Blanchfield and Empress XXXVII Ruby Starling– Revital Simmons.

The Imperial Court is a social, fundraising organization which has raised millions of dollars for social service and health support organizations. Our membership includes, all inclusive title holders,  all enjoying the “game” of court and royalty while raising much needed social awareness and money for deserving charities in the tri-state area. In addition to our own fundraising, we often lend our support and talent to other organizations in their ventures by performing, volunteering or just adding Royal beauty and style!

Our members are people who have chosen to make a commitment, get involved and make a difference in the LGBTQ+ communities.

From The Heart, Through The Court, For The Community.

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