The Current Reign – Reign XXXVI

H.M.I.S.M. Regent Empress XXXVI
Anne Tique

The Imperial Court of New York proudly presents for a third time The Golden Gotham Glamazon Empress of Grace and Gratitude, H.I.M. Empress XIII, XXIII, and now Regent Empress XXXVI Anne Tique The Ageless.

Anne Tique in real life is a native New Yorker, but was born to drag when she entered a Miss Thing Contest at a local NYC Bar called the Break in the 1990’s. She entered as Miss Tique (Mystique) and a friend gave her the name Miss Anne Tique which she loved and which was not a common drag name, anyway long story short she won the contest and Anne Tique was born.

Anne became involved with the Imperial Court of New York in 1989 when she escorted a then member to her first Night of a Thousand Gowns as a man in a tuxedo. At that ball Anne knew she had found her calling and needed to be a part of this world, aiding the LGBTQ community in any way possible. Anne Joined the ICNY under the reign of Empress IV Camille Beauchamps and Emperor IV Shelly and quickly climbed the royal ladder, year after year, title after title, learning the art of successful  fundraising for all charities. Her involvement in every facet of the organization Combined with her drive to help those in need has proven that she remains a committed individual to the Imperial Court System.

In 1994, Anne met her now husband Ron and she introduced him to the ICNY but that’s another story you can read in his letter. In 1999-2000 Anne was elected for the first time Empress XIII with her first Emperor IX Chet. Ten Years later 2009-2010 Anne was elected for the second time Empress XXIII with her second Emperor XIV, XVIII, XXIII Tony Monteleone. Over these past 30 plus years Anne has become the consummate artist,and is the creator of the Annual 12 Drags of Xmas show which for the last 28 years has raised substantial funds for worthy charities. she has performed in numerous benefits around the country, She has appeared on TV, on the soap opera,”One life to live”, Wigstock, “Watch what happens Live” with Andy Cohen, The View”, at “Carnegie Hall”,  as an extra in the movie “Too Wong Foo” and has graced countless stages in performing in New York City, Empress Anne Tique  has served on the ICNY Board of Directors, as the ICNY College of Monarchs Chairperson, and as the ICNY’s  Night of a Thousand Gowns Executive Producer numerous times, she received the Jose Honor Award in 2012,  and served as an Heir Apparent to QMA Empress Nicole the Great, and received numerous other awards and titles over the years. Anne has made many strong partnerships in her community and friendships, and family around the country in other realms.

Anne has used her strong Business Management skills and applied them to the business of ICNY culminating with many well organized successful reigns for the ICNY.

 As we soon enter post pandemic 2022, Empress Anne has once again stepped up to represent the ICNY as Regent Empress along with Her husband Regent Emperor Ron. Together they are ready and committed to work with the ICNY membership and take the ICNY into its next Chapter.

Empress Anne Tique is ready and willing to do what is needed in meeting all the challenges head on, and looks forward to the future along with our Emperors and Empresses who reigned, Board of directors, and ICNY members whom worked very hard during these trying times of Covid on setting new foundations on which the ICNY can grow and flourish for the next generation to come. 

She is The Golden Gotham Glamazon Empress of Grace and Gratitude, Empress XIII, XXIII, and Regent Empress XXXVI Anne Tique the Ageless.

H.M.I.S.M. Regent Emperor XXXI

The Imperial Court of New York is proud to introduce The Golden Ursus Emperor of Valor. Virtue, and Charm H.I.M. Emperor XIII and Regent Emperor XXXI Ron.

Ron was born in San Francisco and grew up in North Dakota, that is where he developed his strong work ethic and down to earth, caring, and responsible nature. He moved to NYC in the 1980’s where he has worked as a flight attendant for the past 42 years, starting with Pan American World Airways and then Delta Air Lines, with whom he is still working for to this day.

He was introduced to the Imperial Court of New York in 1995 when he attended his first Night of a Thousand Gowns as a guest, escorting his then partner Anne Tique. That night, he recognized the mission of the Imperial Court of New York and wanted to join to make a difference in the fight against AIDS.

Ron was always willing to help support and be behind the scenes during his first few years in the Imperial court of New York, but with his commitment and dedication he quickly rose in the royalty ranks and won the hearts of all that met him. He was especially a favorite of Empress I Jose the Widow Norton, who always enjoyed seeing, laughing, and speaking with Ron whenever she had the chance.

In 2003 Ron was elected as Emperor XIII with his Empress XVII Demi Tasse, they had a very successful reign filled with fun, family, and friends. He has always and remains to be a kind, and loving soul willing to do anything for people in need.

Ron married Anne in 2014 but they have been committed to each other for 27 years, and now look forward to being joined together as Regents to reign XXXVI, as the figure heads once again for the Imperial Court of New York.

He is The Emperor of Valor, Virtue, and Charm, Emperor XIII, and Regent Emperor XXXI Ron.