The Current Reign—Reign XXXI

H.M.I.S.M. Emperor XXVI Harrington

Harrington grew up in a small town in Costa Rica under the care of his single mother, Elizabeth, and his grandmother, Emma. Unfortunately, like many gay youth, particularly in Central America, Harrington faced intense bullying and isolation for being “different.” Over time, that “difference” made it difficult for Harrington to thrive in his childhood home. So, at the age of eighteen, Harrington moved to San José, Costa Rica where he found a community of friends who accepted him and helped him grow into the person he is today.

Harrington worked hard in fashion and cosmetology, and soon became a rising star in San José, Costa Rica. As his career advanced, Harrington turned his attention to making life better for other gay youth who were struggling much like he had. He would often bring food and clothes to homeless gay youth and would offer assistance wherever he could. He worked with various fundraising organizations in Costa Rica directed at helping the LGBTQ community.

In 1995, Harrington emigrated to the United States of America. Settling in Pennsylvania, he brought his skills to the cosmetology industry there. Eventually he moved to New Jersey, and finally landed in the Big Apple itself.

One night, while out-and-about on Long Island, Harrington met someone who would quickly become one of his best friends, the future Empress XXIX Madison Mansfield. In 2012, Madison took Harrington to his first Night of a Thousand Gowns. He joined the Imperial Court of New York that same year, excited to continue his passion for helping lgbtq youth while being able to fully express himself in ways he previously thought unimaginable. Over the years, Harrington has produced events for a variety of causes, chaired numerous committees for Night of a Thousand Gowns and has performed in many of the opening numbers.

Harrington was truly honored to be crowned Emperor XXVI and looks forward to being able to advocate for the next generation of LGBTQ youth with the support of the second oldest LGBTQ Organization in the United States.

Emperor Harrington will be known as The Latino Emperor, Pegasus of Knowledge and Inspiration.

H.I.M. Regent Empress XXXI Madison Mansfield

Madison Mansfield has been referred to as many things over the years: “Pageant Queen,” “Charity Event Organizer,” “Award Winning Performer,” just to name a few. In 2015, she became known as Empress XXIX Madison Mansfield, The Curvy Long Island Temptress of Sincerity, Serenity and Seduction. On March 11, 2017 she became the first Regent Empress of the Imperial Court of New York.

Being the only child of an accountant and a beauty queen from Savannah, Georgia transplanted into the suburbs of New York, Madison embodies the perfect combination of both of her biological parents: beauty, poise, ambition and brains. From her early days in Catholic school, to the center stage of her high school theater, to the Dean’s List of her university, Madison has always enjoyed the spotlight. However, she has always taken care not to diminish anyone else’s light while doing so.

Madison became heavily involved in charity fundraising for the LGBTQ community, which ultimately led her to The Imperial Court of New York. Since joining icny, Madison has been on the Board of Directors, an Executive Producer of Night of a Thousand Gowns, and has put on numerous charity events to aid ICNY’s beneficiaries.

Professionally, Madison currently works for one of the top legal services organizations within the United States and has been honored as the “Most Valued Employee” in the organization for each of the last 15 years.

Personally, Madison has been married to her loving partner, Robert, who is also a member of the icny, for the past 19 years. They live on Long Island with their four furry children: Gladys, Schlomoe, Oliver and Esther.

Through the years, Madison has had the opportunity to visit numerous courts within the Imperial Court System and has made many new friends as well as added to her extended family along the way. She looks forward to the journey she will be taking with Emperor XXVI Harrington and visiting many more courts and extending their court family even further.

Madison thoroughly enjoys serving the community with a sense of style, grace and diplomacy. Being from the South, Madison always remembers that kindness, a giving spirit and a joy for life that must always come from within and, in turn, will brighten the world around you.

Madison will be known as Empress XXIX and Regent Empress XXXI Madison Mansfield, The Curvy Long Island Temptress of Sincerity, Serenity and Seduction.