The Current Reign—Reign XXXIII

H.M.I.S.M. Empress XXXIII
Chuleta Devine

Chuleta Devine was born into a loving Irish and Italian American family, and raised in the heart of Brooklyn New York almost 60 years ago. Throughout her personal life she has been truly blessed with an awesome loving and supportive family, friends, and husband of 39 years Joseph Sorsaia – “who she adores!”

Chuleta always lived in the fast lane. Graduating early from school, she hit the pavement running, and landed a job in finance, and has been working on Wall Street’s Financial District for the past 40 years.
If there is anything to be said about Chuleta it’s her Dedication, Loyalty, and Longevity in relationships that she has always had with people. She sticks with it through thick and thin!

Chuleta has always been a people person with a large diversified group of friends. In the past you could always find her with friends at the Metropolitan Opera House and all of New York City’s gay nightlife club and bar scenes. She sure got around and even became good friends with Harris Glenn Milstead better known as the one and only Divine in the late seventies.

Chuleta was introduced to the Imperial Court of New York by her drag daughter Empress XXIX and XXXI Madison Mansfield! Madison dragged her out of the closet, (no pun intended) and Madison told her to get a fabulous gown for she was going to an awesome event called Night of a Thousand Gowns. Chuleta had not been in drag for about 20 years at that time (well ok, once a year for the Fire Island Invasion). So she pulled something together, attended her first Night of a Thousand Gowns, and at that moment knew she had found what she was searching for in the way of inclusion, acceptance, and don’t forget jewelry!

Chuleta was a United Way Captain for her Company for over 30 years raising over a hundred thousand dollars every year, however the money that she raised didn’t benefit the LGBTQ community! So in 2012 she retired from the United Way responsibilities and joined the Imperial Court of New York. It was a life-changing time in Chuleta’s life, she finally found a place to fit in where she could make a difference by dedicating her talents and services to her community, and having fun socially along the way.
Chuleta transformed herself not only in her physical appearance but as a proven caring volunteer-member with a Heart as big as her Hair, and as she has risen in rank and titles she has been a very productive member. You could always count on Chuleta to support a Youth Prom at the Hudson Pride Center or find her Hosting various fundraising events, serving, donating meals at the shelters or being involved in community outreach services all in the name of raising much-needed funds for the community.

Over the years Chuletta has held an ICNY board member-at-large position, awarded an ICNY president’s award, been a lady-in-waiting a few times to previous Monarchs. and has served as the Committee Chairperson for the advertisement sales committee for the Night of a Thousand Gowns Journal.
Chuleta is also one of the Depository Trust Clearing Corp Social Corporate Ambassadors For Diversity and Inclusion initiatives and has received many Chairman awards for Diversity and Inclusion for her company.
We welcome Chuleta and Congratulate her as she ascends to the position of Empress, and she will henceforth be known as…
The Goodness Empress of Love, Jubilance and Philanthropy, Empress XXXIII Chuleta DeVine

H.M.I.S.M.  Emperor XXVIII
Antonio T. Ventura

Antonio T. Ventura is a native Californian, born in Ventura, CA. Throughout his childhood, his mother always instilled the idea of doing things for the right reason and always helping each other and being a team player. His passion for the arts and developing community/bonds comes from his background as a musician – throughout middle school and high school, Antonio travelled the world with his youth orchestra, marching band, high school band, and all-state honor bands – where he played clarinet. While in college, pursuing his Bachelors of Music in Classical Clarinet Performance, Antonio was a Resident Assistant in University Housing at San Francisco State University – it was here that he started developing his passion for helping his community – he served as the Resident Assistant Advisor to the housing GSA “E.G.A.Y. (Everything Great About You)” which served the LGBTQ+ students living in housing by being a safe place to meet and socialize and throw events.

In 2011, Antonio walked in his first SF AIDS Walk with his mother and her dog, Mimi. To date, Antonio has walked in two SF AIDS Walks and six AIDS Walk NY and has risen over $11,000 for HIV/AIDS awareness and research in the two areas – bake sales, cabaret shows, and most importantly amazing donors helped to raise these funds throughout the years.

In 2013, Antonio moved to New York City from San Francisco with no employment or living arrangements – his determination found him both within a week of relocating and it was at this job he met Prince Royal Grandpa and an immediate connection was formed. It was through Grandpa and her partner Princess Royale Q.T. Pie that Antonio came to join The Imperial Court of New York. They took him to the PRIDE Brunch that year where he met Emperor X Gabriel Della Notte (Antonio is now a proud son to the House of Della Notte) and Emperor XI Damian Valentino – who instantly engaged him and encouraged him to join the ICNY.

In September 2013, Antonio officially became Lord M&M (name changed to something more personal a year later). From that day forward, he entered head first into the ICNY’s mission and work and has never looked back. Serving as Committee Chair for Gift Bags, Silent Auction, and Tickets over the years and serving as Co-Executive Producer for the 30th Anniversary Night of a Thousand Gowns. Antonio was appointed for an interim Member at Large term by the 2014-2015 Board of Directors and elected in the same capacity for the 2015-2016 Board. Leading up to being elected Imperial Crown Prince Royal (Emperor XXVIII Elect), Antonio served as Board Secretary from 2016-2018. In these capacities he served as Events Liaison, Social Media Chair, and By-Law Review Committee Chair.

During Reign XXXII, Antonio celebrated the third anniversary of the creation of the Trinity Place Shelter Potluck Outreach Program he created with Ratchet Bucket (boo-kay) and Ellia J. Garlands in December 2015 and the five-year anniversary for All Hallows Queen, a yearly October fundraiser created and hosted with Ratchet and Ellia since 2014.
Antonio is grateful for what the ICNY has brought to his life – purpose, community, love, and family. Throughout his time in the Court System, he has developed many bonds with different members – becoming the first child of the “B-Real Kraka” clan under Emperor XXI Ritz Kraka and Empress XXX Sugar B. Real – a bond that will last a lifetime.

Antonio has also served as Chair of the International Under 30 Council through the International Court Council and Queen Mother of the America’s Nicole the Great – this Council served the members of the ICS 30 years of age and under and worked to empower them to become the next leaders of the 70+ Court chapters throughout North America. He also served as a member of the original Court Conference (CourtCon) planning committee.

Antonio has been awarded the International Order of the Double Eagle and The Fredd E. Tree Spirit of Stonewall Award by Queen Mother of the Americas, Nicole the Great.

He promises to serve the Communities of New York City, Long Island, and Eastern New Jersey with compassion, dedication, love, and energy. He promises to listen to and try to address all questions, issues, and messages that come from the ICNY members and our greater community, to work towards an amazing Reign filled with love, growth, and support.