The Current Reign – Reign XXXVIII

H.M.I.S.M. Empress XXXVIII
Ruby Starling

The Imperial Court of New York is proud to Introduce; The Desert Siren Empress of Grace, Heart and Courage, Empress XXXVIII – Ruby Starling.
Ruby was born and raised in the southern desert of Israel, on the salty shore of the Dead-Sea, and moved to the USA to follow her dreams of self-improvement, growth, and personal fulfillment;  making New York her home away from home.
With passion for the Arts, Ruby studied Architecture and Interior Design in Tel-Aviv following two years of service in the Israeli Defense Force. During her time in the military, she developed strong discipline and organizational skills which have aided her tremendously in both her career in construction management and design as well as her charitable work.
Ruby was introduced to the Imperial Court of New York by her bestie Stacy in 2018. Since then, she has been a valuable and devoted member displaying unwavering support of the Court’s various outreach initiatives and fundraising activities. Ruby promotes inclusion and strives to advocate within the ICNY for the overlooked and frequently forgotten. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Ruby saw the loneliness of older people and devised the ICNY’s Regal Notes program to provide an emotional boost to seniors confined to nursing homes and care facilities, and ease their social isolation. 
As a freelance photographer and the ICNY’s designated memory keeper, Ruby has captured millions of smiles and many hearts in and beyond the Imperial Court System. Moreover, Ruby continuously produces and hosts fundraising events for our most vulnerable and fragile community members. In addition, she travels frequently to represent New York at  various out-of-town events and celebrations.
Ruby has been a very active member of the ICNY Board of Directors from 2020-2023, she too has served as committee chair for our flagship fundraising event and has been and continues to be an integral part of the production team for Night of a Thousand Gowns. Her hard work, devotion and enthusiasm has never gone unnoticed; she has been a multiple time recipient of the President’s award and other noteworthy awards and accolades.
As an ally, advocate and activist of human rights, Ruby supports the entire LGBTQIA+ community by maintaining a supportive and accepting environment where everyone feels safe and welcomed. She is passionate about working with our members and beneficiaries to raise much needed funds to support the community. Ruby strongly believes leadership is a choice, not a rank, and holds in high esteem all past monarchs and our members. She is very excited and passionate about honoring ICNY traditions and developing new opportunities in the coming year.
Ruby married her husband Tyler in 2013 and is incredibly fortunate to have his full support as she devotes the next twelve months to those less fortunate within the LGBTQIA+ community, various fundraising activities and charitable organizations including some much-loved and respected canine charity groups throughout New York City where her revered French Bulldogs are equally respected and cherished.
Ruby’s goals for next year will focus on advancing the mission of the Imperial Court of New York and its outreach programs including, but not limited to, Hearts and Voices. She is devoted to continuing to develop extensions to the existing programs to continued growth. 
To quote one of Ruby’s favorite quotes by Hellen Keller, and one she aims to live by: 
“The unselfish effort to bring cheer to others will be the beginning of a happier life for ourselves.”

H.M.I.S.M. Emperor XXXIII
Jeffery The Second

Well, it took a long time, but Jeffrey finally decided to run for Emperor. 

A member of the Imperial Court of New York for over 20 years, you might remember Jeffrey from appearing in eighteen Night of a Thousand Gowns Opening Numbers. A board member for the Board of Directors for three terms,
Jeffrey has served as a chairman and co-chairman for multiple committees and has been a co-producer for Night of a Thousand Gowns for several years.
Born in Phoenix AZ, Jeffrey spent a little more than the first quarter of his life in the Valley of Sun. After attending Arizona State University, he started his dream career designing windows in Visual Merchandising for Dillard Department Stores, and playing in his second passion, acting in local theatre. An award-winning local Phoenix actor, performing in over 20 productions with a background in jazz and tap, he would soon go behind the scenes with assisting directing and design.
In 1999, he took his Visual Merchandising career to the Bay and moved to San Francisco. A co-worker relentlessly wore him down to attend events with a charity organization … that friend, Fernado Robles (who later would become future San Francisco Emperor 32) introduced Jeffrey to the world of the Imperial Council of San Francisco and soon his involvement with the ICC began.
Attending events led to becoming a backup dancer which led to a choreographer which led to designing sets for many events in SF. It was on his second out of town road trip to Salt Lake City’s Coronation that Jeffrey decided to run and would later become Mr. Cowboy SF 2002.
In 2003, Jeffrey’s employer moved him to New York City, and he attended his first Night of a Thousand Gowns, he joined the Imperial Court of New York soon after.
His first involvement was joining the NOATG Opening Number which he would continue to be a part of to this day. With some “pressure” he joined the Ticket Committee for a few years, and then in 2010 joined the script committee which he was the chairman for last year.
A New Yorker now for twenty plus years, Jeffrey continues to fulfill his two passions; being the North East Territory Visual Merchandising Manager for Nike, Inc. entering his 23 rd year with the brand; and while he is not on the stage, his passion to see every Broadway production (700+ and counting).
Jeffrey is humbled and honored to represent the Imperial Court of New York and raise awareness and fundraise for the amazing community organizations of the New York tri-state area.
A lover of history and symbolism, Jeffrey’s step-up tonight is full of both. Dedicated to his best friend; his sister Jody and all who have helped with this journey. The walk is divided into several sections: 
Act One is the INTRO -this is Jeffrey II; 
Act Two is LOVE -How he got here; honoring Emperor 32 Fernado of San Francisco, honoring his family – who have shaped him to the individual he has become, and his future partner on this journey Ruby Starling. 
Act Three is TOMORROW – Where we are going; becoming Emperor 33 and the preparation of Reign 38.
We introduce to you
The Lionhearted Emperor of Theatrics and Décor, Emperor XXXIII Jeffrey II.