Food, Glorious Food!

If you were Generation X or a Baby Boomer, you’ll remember this commercial about over eating.  


What, ain’tcha never seen a caprese salad before?

Let me tell you, you have no idea what the rigors the leadership of the Imperial Court of New York go through to make sure you have a spectacular food experience at Night of a Thousand Gowns. It all starts with a tasting dinner party for eight:  Executive Producers, Incoming and Outgoing Monarchs, and the President of the Board.

Three salads.  Because we don’t know what salads taste like.  Then four entrees. Did you know there are seventeen different ways to prepare beef short ribs? We do.  *urp*   How many sides? How many soups? How many variations of a Caprese Salad do we need to sample? You have no idea the struggle it is to come up with the best array of food options for your dining pleasure at NOATG.


Often, we’ll have beef short ribs. Mmmm. Beef.

Did I mention they’re also serving wine during this tasting?

But that’s not even the worst part…er, best part. There are more than a dozen different types of dessert served. In 2013, we had to pick 12 out of 16 options. Do you know how long it took us to sort through the various options? Princess Royale Doris Dear, who was one of our executive producers, took a photo at the end of that phase. Look down on the chaos of calories below.

We had to eliminate four options.   It took us hours.


Looking down on the wreckage of our dessert tasting.

Two of us went into diabetic shock and three of us signed up for Weight Watchers on the spot.  In any case, we know you’re not coming for the wedge salad, or the mushroom soup in puff pastry, or the beef short ribs or the Viennese buffet…you’re coming for drag queens and an open bar. But…if you had to come for food, we ate it for you.  

Join us on March 11 to see if the food outshines Emperor Tree and Empress Sugar B. Real. We doubt that it will, but we can tell you it’ll make an old college try.

And speaking of college, why not invite the Chair of the College of Monarchs to the tasting this year?  She’ll make herself available.