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Another Openin’ Another Show!

They say that a Broadway opening number sets the tone for the two and a half hours to follow. At Night of A Thousand Gowns, the Imperial Court of New York tries to do the same thing! For 24 of the last 30 years, members of the ICNY have poured their heart and souls into creating an opening that will grab the attention of the audience and hold onto it.

We Gave the World New Ways to Dream

Okay, I intended this to be a quick blog, but New York’s Monarchs have appeared in so many film and television projects that the list keeps going.  It’s far from comprehensive, but it’s true! And we’re talking more than appearing in interviews or news stories:  most of us have done that, but beyond the news, there’s all of this: Starting with the very first Empress, Sybil Bruncheon, whose cable access shows in the 1980’s included A La Maison, Be Our Guest and Stonewall After Dark, we’ve made it our work of getting in front of every camera we can find!  Here’s a clip of Be Our Guest, with special guest star “Ed Wynn” -- or ...