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A Crown Filled With Jewels

At Night of a Thousand Gowns (March 11, 2017 dearies!), you’ll be in awe and amazed when the curtains part and we present our Out of Town Guests. It’s a fashion show to rival them all, to be sure, but who are these Emperors and Empresses? Don’t we already have one of each? Aren’t they standing at the end of the runway giving out reign pins?

You’ll Always Remember Your First Time

I’d heard of it from friends in New Jersey, who all looked toward the lights of Manhattan and Night of a Thousand Gowns as the pinnacle of drag success, and here I was at 24 years old taking it all in and more -- I was THERE. I was a member of the Imperial Court of New York and I was walking the runway...

Your Invitation to the Ball!

It's been described as Regal, Legendary, Outrageous, Epic and Dazzling and it's not the private life of Britain's Royal Family -- it's Night of a Thousand Gowns! For thirty years, the volunteer members of the Imperial Court of New York have been wearing the biggest jewelry, the highest hair and more couture per square inch than an army of Parisian models, and all to raise money for charity! This year is no different as the ICNY turns its spotlight on one of the jewels in the crown of New York's LGBT community: the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund. Celebrities, performers, drag fashionistas, camp icons and big hearts full of philant...